Morning Time, Vol. 1
Morning Time, Vol. 1
Morning Time, Vol. 1
Morning Time, Vol. 1
Morning Time, Vol. 1

Morning Time, Vol. 1

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What better way to set our day in motion than by hearing God’s Word, singing timeless hymns, reading aloud, and feasting on the finest literature, art, and music together?

This 122-page, open-and-go guide includes:

Daily scheduled Bible and devotional readings
Prayer prompts
Scripture memory
Hymn study
The New City Catechism memory work
Composer study: Bach, Beethoven, & Stravinsky
Artist study: da Vinci, Rembrandt, & Monet
Read-aloud suggestions for older and younger students

By the end of 36 weeks of study with your children, you will have read through many of the central stories of the Bible, learned 8 hymns, studied 6 famous composers and artists and enjoyed their work, and even journeyed alongside 3 courageous Christian missionaries. You’ll also have the option to spend time reading classic literature aloud with your children.

This plan utilizes a handful of “living books” that will need to be borrowed or purchased for the Bible/devotional readings, read-aloud selections, composer and artist study. The Scripture memory, hymn study, prayers, and poetry are all included within the plans themselves.

I sincerely hope that the outcome of the time you spend with these Morning Time plans is beyond that of just gaining head knowledge. I pray God uses it to transform hearts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Beautiful morning time

This morning time guide is full and rich without being overwhelming and chaotic. I cannot wait to finish this one and start on volume 2!

"Fruit" at the Breakfast Table

This resource helped me gather our family around the breakfast table and begin our day. It helped to set the tone and created rhythm and routine we needed. It is well organized and easy to use. I loved the read aloud suggestions, the artist and musician studies, memorizing scripture and singing hymns together. We accomplished so much this year and the fruit that came out of it in both my life and in my kids still has me in awe! Hearing my three-year-old recite entire passages of scripture has encouraged me and spurred me on! Thank you, Whitney, for creating such a beautiful resource!

Mary Reyner
A simple daily morning routine

Morning Time has been one of our favorite resources for our first homeschool years with our 5, 4, and 2 year old! They have loved singing hymns, memorizing scripture, hearing poems, and learning about composers and musicians— and this resource makes it so easy for a mom to accomplish it all without much prep! Whitney has such a gift of being able to produce the most beautiful, educational, and practical resources that are filled with rich material and gospel truths and this one will be used by our family again and again! It would be great for any family with any type of schooling!

Beautiful, Intentional, Fun!

The main purpose for me purchasing this guide was for the Bible study in our homeschool space. Not only did it deliver wonderfully, but I didn't realize how much of the rest of the curriculum we would use and enjoy. I had juggled a few different family bible studies before, and I just didn't love the way they were presented. Morning Time Vol. I guides you by the hand, but also reaches your children. I bought a different children's story bible to use in place of the one suggested, but it fits and works out perfectly. The hymns she has chosen are lovely. We LOVE using the composer study! This was another subject I thought I'd have to search for and find a way to fit it into our weeks, but Whitney has done a fantastic job of compiling books and songs for us to learn from and enjoy. My four year old could recognize Bach playing at the bookstore after Term 1! From the poems she has gathered, to the picture studies included, as well as the read aloud options, I cannot say more on how rich and perfect this morning time curriculum is. We will be buying Vol. II for this next year without a doubt.

So rich!

We have been using this morning time guide for about 8 months and have been loving the richness of it! I love that we can start off our days in God's word, and the poetry, musician, and artist studies have also been a hit with my kids. They have also enjoyed learning the hymns and sing them throughout the day, which has been so precious to witness. We love our morning times, thanks to Whitney's hard work!

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