Whitney Newby

Whitney Newby is a wife and homeschooling mother of four. It is her joy to create literature-rich, gospel centered resources through the ministry of Brighter Day Press. She is also passionate about encouraging moms to embrace their biblical calling as disciple-makers in their homes. 

Would you like to request that Whitney speak at your upcoming church or homeschooling event? To inquire about her availability, please fill out the form below or emailhello@brighterdaypress.com

Speaker request

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Possible speaking topics

+ The Sacred Call of Motherhood: In this encouraging seminar, we’ll explore what the Bible has to say about the sacred call of motherhood and the value of discipling our children.

+ Raising Readers: Do you have little ones and you desire for them to love books, but you have no idea where to begin? Maybe you have older children who just don’t enjoy reading. Maybe you yourself struggle with loving to read. This seminar is for you and for anyone else looking to establish rhythms that inspire a love of reading in your home!

+ Navigating the Library with Wisdom: How do you navigate visiting the library when it can feel like a minefield? Do you just stop going? Do you pre-read every book that comes through your doors? In this session, Whitney will discuss practical ways to navigate the public library to find rich, wholesome, developmentally-appropriate reading material for children.

+ Getting Started in Homeschool: Are you excited to jump into homeschooling, but feel overwhelmed about where to begin? In this seminar, we will outline a number of educational models and talk through practical steps to begin your homeschooling journey on the right foot.