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The Valentine's Day guide is here!

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Our weekly dinner rotation (plus free printable!) Visit the blog

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I’m really looking forward to using this morning time guide to start our days this upcoming school year. This Charlotte Mason style resource is something I have been looking for and Whitney has done such a phenomenal job, anyone who picks this up will be blessed! Even if you aren’t homeschooling, this is a wonderful option to start each day.

Laura D.

The hard copy is so fantastic--seeing the art in beautiful colors, reading the words to so many cherished hymns...it is just phenomenal! Thank you for this--I have never seen anything like it in any of the homeschooling curriculums I've come across! I know it must be too soon to consider, but oh I hope and pray there might be a volume 2 when we finish this one! Thank you for the wonderful resource you've created. My family and I are so grateful!

Emily F.

Thank you for this great resource. Because of Covid19, we find ourselves gearing up for unintentional homeschool in the fall and adding this in is going to be such a blessing to us all.


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