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What is included in the Morning Time plans?

Daily Bible and devotional readings
Prayer prompts
Scripture memory
Hymn study
Questions/answers from The New City Catechism
Composer and artist study
Read-aloud suggestions

Morning Time is divided into three 12-week terms, 36 weeks in all. Each day is scheduled so that you can open the page to the current week and follow the prompts to guide your morning. By the end of 36 weeks of study with your children, you will have read through many of the central stories of the Bible, learned 8 hymns, studied 6 famous composers and artists and enjoyed their work, and even journeyed alongside three courageous Christian missionaries. You’ll also have the option to spend time reading classic literature aloud with your children.

These plans utilize several “living books” that will need to be purchased separately. Download a free book list under the “Free Resources” tab to see the required books that are needed to complete your Morning Time curriculum. The prayer, Scripture memory, hymns, and poetry are included within the plans and do not require additional books.

I sincerely hope that the outcome of this plan is beyond that of just gaining head knowledge. I pray God uses this time to transform hearts. 

How long does it take each morning?

If you work through the plans without the read-aloud portion, they should take 30 minutes or less. Allow a total of 1 hour per day with the read-aloud book. Read-aloud books can be saved for an afternoon tea time or before bed, depending on your family’s daily rhythm and preference.

What ages is Morning Time written for?

I originally wrote the Morning Time plans for my elementary-aged children, so I recommend it for children in K-5. But these plans can easily be adapted if you have older or younger siblings joining in.