Two simple rhythms for the new year

Dear friend,

Like you, I wear many hats. I’m a pastor’s wife, a homeschool mom, and a small business owner. Over the years, I’ve found that having a solid foundation in God’s Word and in physical movement greatly improves my mental health, emotional stability, productivity, parenting… every aspect of life! I have other goals this year for homeschooling, finances, and relationships, but they all begin with these two simple rhythms.

I’m calling them rhythms—not resolutions—because they are so foundational that I hope they’ll become stronger disciplines not only this year but for many years to come. (I have my friend Abbey Wedgeworth to thank for inspiring these!)

Here they are: 

Meet with Jesus every day.

This looks like opening my Bible, reading a passage, and praying and journaling through it using my Quiet Time Companion. I have and love this journaling Bible from Hosanna Revival, and I also use the Gospel Transformation Study Bible notes to clarify passages that are confusing or feel overly familiar.

I also recommend our Morning Moments for Moms Bible study cards if you’re looking for a guided study. They are easy to self-pace, but provide an in-depth study with rich insight about the book of Philippians. (More Morning Moments for Moms cards are coming to the shop in January!)

For the past two years, I’ve read through the Bible in a year using The Bible Recap reading plan and podcast, which I highly recommend if you’ve never read the entire Bible. This year, I’m taking my daily reading a bit slower in order to dive deeper.

Move my body every day.

I’ve found that just 20 minutes of physical exercise every day vastly improves my mental health and emotional stability. For the past couple months, I’ve been doing five workouts by Nourish Move Love each week and at least two brisk walks. These workouts are short, doable, and I feel stronger than ever!

But what if I’m in the exhausting early days of motherhood? 

Physical activity and daily Bible study were two things I often neglected in the early years of motherhood because of sleep deprivation and just general exhaustion. Maybe that’s how you’re feeling right now. 

Here’s my encouragement to you… 

For Bible reading, it can be as easy as listening to the audio Bible using the Dwell app. You could do this during a middle-of-the-night nursing session, while taking a walk, or while making dinner. I love the Dwell app because you can choose the Bible translation, the voice, and can even set it up to repeat a certain passage (helpful for meditating on God’s Word or for memorization). The Word of God is your very life (Deuteronomy 32:47), and God will meet you with deep encouragement and rest when you come to Him in your need.

For physical activity, don’t feel pressure to take on a full work-out routine. But you can make sure to get in a daily walk to breathe fresh air and allow the sunshine to lift your spirit. 


So that’s it! Two simple rhythms: meeting with Jesus and moving my body every day. 

Will you join me?