Ten Favorite Chapter Book Series

Do you have a voracious reader in your house? Chapter book series can be so helpful to keep your child satisfied, and I want to recommend a few our family has loved! For most of these, we've read book #1 as a read-aloud, then our children have read the rest of the series on their own. I hope you might find a series below that is new to you!

I've added Amazon affiliate links to each of these book series for your convenience, but please check your local library first!

Ten of our favorite chapter book series: 

  1. Imagination Station series (27 books) by Adventures in Odyssey (ages 6-9): These adventures will remind readers of Magic Tree House books, but are written from a Christian worldview. Cousins Patrick and Beth travel back in time and all over the world to witness historical events and go on adventures. The children pray openly and talk about God and His mission. 
  2. Tales from Deckawoo Drive series (6 books) by Kate DiCamillo (ages 6-9) - If you like the Mercy Watson series, you'll love following the same characters from Deckawoo Drive in this chapter book series. Lighthearted, comical, and adventurous, these books have positive messages and feature good role models. The books are aimed at a slightly older audience than the Mercy Watson books, but even a 5-year-old could sit and listen to these being read aloud.
  3. The Adventures of Sophie Mouse series (18 books) by Poppy Green (ages 5-9) - My personal favorite series, Sophie Mouse is for boys and girls and features cheerful characters that are kind and helpful to one another. I so appreciate those qualities in a book I hand to my children. We've read the entire series and every book is delightful!
  4. The Boy Who Biked the World series (3 books) by Alastair Humphreys (ages 8-10) - My son enjoyed Tom's adventures from his home in Great Britain all the around the world on his bicycle. These books make a perfect addition to geography study as Tom traverses continents and learns a lot along the way. He rides through Africa in the first book, through the Americas in the second, and through Asia and back home in the third.
  5. Pippi Longstocking series (10 books) by Astrid Lindgren (ages 8-12) - You may have read the first book about the red-haired, freckle-faced Pippi, but did you know there are other books about her? Following her adventures makes a perfect read-aloud - they are silly and hilarious! - or a fun, lighthearted option for a solo reader.
  6. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle series (5 books) by Betty MacDonald (ages 8-12) - Everyone loves Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, who lives in an upside-down house, smells like cookies, and is famous for prescribing silly cures for bad behaviors of children. These are funny, old-fashioned, and my kids couldn't get enough!
  7. The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series (9 books) by M.J. Thomas (ages 6-9): Brother and sister Peter and Mary (plus their dog Hank) have discovered a set of ancient scrolls that transport them back in time. Throughout the series, the kids (and Hank) are transported to key moments throughout biblical history. An easy, fun read for those who love Magic Tree House books but desire biblical content.
  8. The Great Illustrated Classics (69 books) by Various authors (ages 8-12) - Many of these books are now out of print, but can be found in thrift stores or on eBay. These are perfect introductions to the classics, and our son has benefitted from understanding the stories before we read the original classic. A word of caution: if the original classic stories are too heavy or adventurous for your child (i.e. The Call of the Wild or The Merry Adventures in Robin Hood), these illustrated versions may also be too intense. But there are plenty of tamer options to choose from: Anne of Green Gables, The Wizard of Oz, or Heidi are great choices. Thankfully, there are plenty to choose from! 
  9. Kaleidoscope Kids books (11 books so far) by Various authors (ages 7-10) - If you're looking for a chapter book that bridges the gap between a storybook Bible and an adult version of the Bible, Kaleidoscope is the perfect choice. We've enjoyed reading these before reading the full text of the Bible for enhanced understanding. Each one centers on a book of the Bible, but is written as an engaging chapter book for a young audience.
  10. The Little House books (9 books) by Laura Ingalls Wilder (ages 8-12) - These are classics, but I didn't realize just how adventurous and engaging they were until we read the whole series as a family. Our son is now slowly working his way through them a second time and enjoying them again!