Our kids' newly redesigned bedroom!

Our four kids (ages 10, 7, 5, and 3) have chosen to share a room. And recently, we decided to give their shared room a happy upgrade with new bedding and accessories. I was going for a relaxed boho feel that would accommodate our sons and daughter and would be something they could grow into. We all love their newly redesigned space!
Their bedding is by Beddy's and was gifted to us. It is the absolute perfect bedding for bunk beds as you simply zip it up to make your bed! The sheets and comforter are all one piece, so it's easy to pull the entire thing off for washing and drying, then put it right back on. The bottom sheet is cotton and the top sheet is the softest minky fabric, and we've been so impressed with the quality. We absolutely love these, and they'd make great Christmas gifts!
The rest of the decor is linked below. 
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