Free Download: Life Skills for Children to Learn

A couple weeks ago, I polled you all for life skills you hope to teach your children before they leave home. I absolutely loved your responses! I compiled the most frequent responses (and added a few of my own) and organized them into this list.

I've also created an editable Canva template that you can delete skills that aren't relevant to your family and add in your own. Just click here to access it!

Or you can print the ready-made list here: Life Skills for Children to Learn

As you plan for the new year, print this list and hang it on the side of your fridge as a reminder of the skills you can work to achieve. I'm planning to have my children choose a handful of skills to work on this year. Some are simple (like teaching a child how to make a bed), while some will take more time to learn and practice (like how to show hospitality). I hope this inspires you like it does me!