First Chapter Books for Girls

Looking for a chapter book recommendation for your early reader who's just feeling confident to read on her own? Here are a few places to start!

A Lighthouse Family Series

Cynthia Rylant is a master of beginning chapter books, and these stories of talking animals who live by the sea are peaceful and charming and a wonderful addition to any girl's collection.

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Anna Hibiscus by Atinuke

This is one of a series of books about Anna Hibiscus, a little girl growing up in Africa in a beautifully family-centered culture. There are eight books in the series.

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Anne of Green Gables

These are four adaptations of Anne of Green Gables for early readers… and they are gorgeous! These books are a perfect intro to Anne for young readers, and the illustrations are lovely.

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Cam Jansen Series

Cam Jansen and her super photographic memory are expert mystery solvers. This is a fun, adventurous series for girls and boys.

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Cobble Street Cousins

These are a bit more challenging to read than other recommendations on this list, but so engaging! Three girl cousins are staying together with their aunt and their time together is full of adventure.

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Good Dog Series

For those who enjoy the Sophie Mouse series, this is comparable in text size and length. Bo is a lovable puppy and the chapters are short, making this a perfect place to start for beginning readers.

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Lulu Series

A series of six books about a little girl named Lulu and various animals she encounters. These are perfect for animal lovers!

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Poppleton Books

Poppleton the pig and his friends are delightful characters that are easy to love. These are genuinely funny stories with a bit more complex language than lower leveled readers.

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Sophie Mouse Series

This series is 19 books and is perfect for new readers. The characters have good attitudes and work together and the stories are engaging. It’s a rare find and our favorite series on this list. This is the series that hooked my daughter into being a reader!

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Sydney & Taylor

Wholesome, sweet friendships are beautifully illustrated throughout this series of three books about a skunk and a hedgehog that are good friends.

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Toot & Puddle Books

Toot & Puddle books are like long picture books about a sweet friendship between two pigs. The stories are thoughtful and fun.

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Zoey and Sassafras Series

Each book in this series features a new magical animal with a problem that must be solved using science. Sometimes, Zoey performs experiments. Ohter times, she investigates a mystery or does research. These books are educational, imaginative, and fun.

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