Summer reading for moms

Our family has a busy summer ahead, so I'm making plans now for personal reading. This list is short (and hopefully manageable)—and I'm posting it here for inspiration and accountability. I can't wait to dive in to these books!

The links below are Amazon affiliate links, so I receive a small commission if you purchase through them. But please check your local library for these titles first!

All Creatures Great & Small by James Herriot

From Amazon: In the rolling dales of Yorkshire, a simple, rural region of northern England, a young veterinarian from Sunderland joins a new practice. This witty and heartwarming collection, based on the author’s own experiences, became an international success, spawning sequels and winning over animal lovers everywhere. Perhaps better than any other writer, James Herriot reveals the ties that bind us to the creatures in our lives.

I am a huge fan of James Herriot's children's literature, but have never read his stories for adults. I've also heard rave reviews of the BBC television series based on this book. 


The Supper of the Lamb by Robert Farrar Capon

From Amazon: From a passionate and talented chef who also happens to be an Episcopalian priest comes this surprising and thought-provoking treatise on everything from prayer to poetry to puff pastry. In The Supper of the Lamb, Capon talks about festal and ferial cooking, emerging as an inspirational voice extolling the benefits and wonders of old-fashioned home cooking in a world of fast food and prepackaged cuisine. 

I have only heard wonderful things about this book, and I am hoping it reignites a love for cooking at home. 


The Last Bookshop in London by Madeline Martin

From Amazon: August 1939: London prepares for war as Hitler’s forces sweep across Europe. Grace Bennett has always dreamed of moving to the city, but the bunkers and drawn curtains that she finds on her arrival are not what she expected. And she certainly never imagined she’d wind up working at Primrose Hill, a dusty old bookshop nestled in the heart of London. Through blackouts and air raids as the Blitz intensifies, Grace discovers the power of storytelling to unite her community in ways she never dreamed—a force that triumphs over even the darkest nights of the war.
I'm more than halfway through this book already, and have loved every bit. I hear it only gets better!

The Invisible Child by Katherine Paterson

From Amazon: With the same perception, wit, and generosity that characterize her fiction, a much-honored writer shares her ideas about writing for children, as well as her passion for reading, her spiritual faith, and her conviction that the imagination must be nourished.

This one comes highly recommended by Sarah Mackenzie of Read-Aloud Revival, and I'm excited to read it!


Surprised by Jesus by Dane Ortlund

From Amazon: When God-in-the-flesh showed up twenty centuries ago in Palestine, the religious PhDs rejected him and the prostitutes and social outcasts flocked to him. Why? . . Because the open welcome of divine grace that Jesus offers, open to anyone who would simply leave their moral resume at home, is not predictable. It is not safe. It is subversive. . . In this book, Dane Ortlund reflects on this subversive grace as it uniquely emerges in each of the four Gospel accounts.

If you haven't read Dane Ortlund's book Gentle and Lowly, put it at the top of your reading list. Dane's father, Ray Ortlund, is our former pastor whom our family dearly loves. So reading his son's writing reminds us strongly of Ray and is so rich and moving. I can't wait for this one.


Astrid the Unstoppable by Maria Parr 

From Amazon: Pippi Longstocking meets Heidi meets Anne Shirley in this tale of an irrepressible girl in a mountain village who navigates unexpected changes with warmth and humor.

Liam and I are big fans of author Maria Parr (her book Adventures with Waffles was a delight early on in our homeschooling journey), and Liam says I would love this book. He's already read it independently, and I'm excited to read it with him this time.


To re-read: Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full by Gloria Furman

From Amazon: In this encouraging book for frazzled moms, Gloria Furman helps us reorient our vision of motherhood around what the Bible teaches. Showing how to pursue a vibrant relationship with God―even when discouragement sets in and the laundry still needs to be washed―this book will help you treasure Christ more deeply no matter how busy you are.

I'll be listening to this book on the Scribd app, my favorite audiobook app. The gospel richness here is so life-giving for demanding seasons of motherhood. Gloria Furman always points me back to the only source of lasting encouragement: Jesus.