The Art Cart: How we store our art supplies

When it comes to reading aloud to the kids, I've found a secret weapon.



I purchased this one from Target and added lots of art supplies that I would be comfortable with them using without supervision. We keep the cart tucked away, but as soon as I pull out our read-aloud book (currently The Mouse and the Motorcycle), one of the kids excitedly rolls it out. It contains everything they need to work quietly with their hands while I read. 

Here is a list of our favorite supplies. Many of these could probably be purchased cheaper at a dollar store or local big box store, but I'll link to something similar on Amazon for each. Just click on the item to take you to a direct link. 

On the top shelf:
Paint brushes (these can be used with the watercolor pencils, which are very low mess. I don't mind if they grab some water and work with these unsupervised)
On the middle shelf:
On the bottom shelf:
"Found" materials for collage (scraps of paper and empty egg cartons, which make perfect paint palettes if we pull out the tempera paint)