Sheet Music: Dreamer's Melody by Liam Newby

Dreamer's Melody Sheet Music by Liam Newby

When our son Liam was 5, his grandma led him to the piano and taught him a simple song. Almost immediately, he was hooked. We put stickers on the piano keys so Liam could learn the notes, and suddenly, everything was music to him. He heard an elevator chime and called out, "That's F sharp!" (And it was.) He listened to classical composers and could identify them on the radio just by their sound.

Four years later, his love for music has only grown. He dreams up sonatinas and orchestrations. He dreams of Carnegie Hall. The other morning, he came downstairs and said, "I had a dream last night, and this melody was in it." And then he played this:

Dreamer's Melody video by Liam Newby

My dad was able to create sheet music so that you (or your children) can also play this song. We hope you enjoy!

Dreamer's Melody Sheet Music by Liam Newby