Seek to Serve.

In the last few months, the Lord has repeatedly impressed this phrase on my heart:

Seek to serve.

Could there be more countercultural words?

The idea of seeking to serve others flies in the face of a world that's constantly pushing us to serve ourselves (because you only live once, right?).

But as I read about Christ's life on earth, I see him humbling himself in service to others. Jesus was perpetually championing the underdog, feeding the crowds, washing his disciples' dirty feet, healing the sick. He could have demanded to be served by those around him, but instead, he poured out his minutes and hours and energy and gifts in service to them.

"For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."      Mark 10:45

Seek to serve.

✨ If we're seeking to serve our family out of love for Christ, we'll more willingly and joyfully cook meals and tidy rooms and create an atmosphere of love instead of wallowing in how hard or monotonous this work can feel.
✨ If we're seeking to serve each other on social media, we'll post things that are practical and uplifting, not self-promoting.
✨ If we're seeking to serve our friends, we'll watch for opportunities to ease their burdens instead of looking for how they can benefit us.

Seek to serve.

As we enter Holy Week, I hope you'll think on this phrase as you watch Jesus live it and die it. And I hope you'll adopt it as your own. I promise you, our servant-hearted Master paved the way and will meet us in those humble places with joy.