🌈 Freebie: Summer Rhythm 🌈

It's almost summer (!), so it's time to pull out our summer rhythm! I painted this one, but also painted a customizable version for you.

If you'd like to make your own, I've created three options: 

1. A blank rainbow to write your rhythm on

2. A copy of our summer rhythm, if you'd like to try it out

3. A copy with the rainbow, the title, and blank space for you to fill in

Every family has a different rhythm because every family has different people. I have friends who love having no schedule in the summer, just long days at the pool and last-minute plans. And that's great!
Our family is taking a month-long break from formal homeschooling, but we do continue to maintain a rhythm for everyone's sanity. 

Here's what we DO in the summer: 

+ Morning Time: Spending consistent time in the Word as a family is something we value in every season, so we do our best to continue throughout the summer. This summer, we'll be using our brand new "A Simple Summer" guide that includes a daily devotional plan and so many wonderful book recommendations and simple activities for nature-inspired Morning Times!
+ Teamwork (or chores): Each child has an assigned task (i.e. clearing the table, helping with laundry, tidying the bonus room, etc.) to keep our home running smoothly. Each child knows his or her assigned task since it doesn't change from day to day, so all I have to say is, "Time to work your magic!" and they know what to do. During the school year, we make have morning and evening jobs. But in the summer, we relax a bit more and just tackle the chores once a day.
+ Plenty of time outdoors. For us here in Texas, that means almost daily trips to the neighborhood pool. Our weekly nature group will continue meeting for an unstructured time outside, just earlier in the morning before the heat sets in.
+ Lots and lots of fun reading! Our two big kids are working on their summer reading bingo chart for the second time around, and I am reading the Frog & Toad Complete Collection and James Herriot's Treasury for Children to my younger two (ages 3 and 4). 
+ More play dates: Since our public school friends are now out for the summer, we get to see them more often!

Here's what we DON'T do: 

+ More screen time. We'll occasionally watch a show (we love Crikey! It's the Irwins or Wild Kratts) or a movie together, but on the whole, we remain screen-free.
+ Overschedule. It's just so nice to have lots of margin in these summer months. I think long, lazy days with lots of books and lots of time outdoors will make the sweetest summer memories. 
I'd love to see your summer rhythms! Tag @brighterdaypress or #brighterdaypress.