March Book Madness 2024


I am thrilled to share our family's choices for this year's March Book Madness! This has become one of our favorite yearly traditions to encourage a love of reading.

My children and I have carefully selected 16 picture books from various genres that we hope you'll love, and we've put them into brackets in a printable format.

Here's how it works: Download a bracket here. Print it out, then during the month of March, read the books aloud at your own pace. Let your children vote on their favorites, and add each favorite to the line in the next round. Keep reading and voting until you agree on an overall winner!

Check these out from your local library, or purchase from Amazon (see affiliate links below) or another bookseller of your choice. Hopefully, some of these titles become beloved family favorites! These books are primarily for ages 5-10, but there's a little bit of everything here. My children are 4, 6, 9, and 11 and enjoy all of these stories.

You can also print out a blank bracket if you want to use books you already have! I would love to see your brackets. If you choose to participate, tag @brighterdaypress on social media. 
Who's in??


True duck-inspired stories

Tales about gathering friends

Stories about brave journeys

Books about meaningful pursuits

Stories about courageous birds

Books about families working together

Stories about the long lives of trees

Inspiring stories set in libraries

In the event that you're not able to find all of these at your local library, here are a few more options (that I've recommended previously) you may enjoy!
Gorgeous nature-inspired books
Funny favorites for little ones
True stories about queens