Homeschool Lunches

Each homeschool week, I follow a simple Lunch Matrix - inspired by Rachael Alsbury - that the kids enjoy and that completely eliminates decision making. Basically, we have a main course that stays consistent each week, then I add a fruit and a raw veggie to make it a complete meal.  

Here's our family's current Lunch Matrix:
🥨 Monday: Snack board

🥪 Tuesday: Panini sandwiches

🍕 Wednesday: Pizza & smoothies

🍝 Thursday: Tortellini

🥔 Friday: Baked potatoes (with shredded cheese and/or taco meat)

Fruits we add: Honeycrisp apples, grapes, mandarin oranges, pineapple, bananas

Raw veggies: baby carrots, sliced cucumbers, sugar snap peas

So simple! Before the week begins, I just make sure we have all the necessary ingredients to these lunches - or I add them to our grocery pickup order. 

On days that we pack lunches and head to the park, we use these portable snack trays with lids (pictured above). I pack them in a cooler bag with ice packs, the kids' water bottles, and paper plates. The kids love this lunch and I love how healthy they eat and how little there is to clean up! 

PS - Our lunches are NOT always this pretty. 😉