Gift Guide for Women 2022

If you're anything like me, it's much easier to think of great gifts to purchase for others, but much harder to add to your own wish list. I put together a list of my very favorite things that I have found to be tried and true, along with some items that perhaps you or a friend wouldn't buy for yourselves, but would appreciate having. I hope this list is helpful as you write your own! 



These are a few of my favorite artists, and they have so many gorgeous prints and paintings to choose from.

+ Lore Pemberton

+ Laci Fowler

Shealeen Louise

Fox Hollow Studios

+ Brittany Smith Studio


+ Morning Moments for Moms - These cards walk you through the book of Philippians, with daily insight, prayer, and journaling prompts. They can be taken at your own pace, but are a rich resource. 

+ Lydia Brownback Bible studies - To dive even deeper into the book of Philippians, I've loved this study by Lydia Brownback! She also has several other studies available. They can be used individually or with a group.

+ Wholehearted Quiet Time Companion - This is my daily companion for journaling, writing down my prayers, and keeping track of Bible reading. I absolutely love this resource!

+ Hosanna Revival ESV Journaling Bible - This is my current Bible, and my favorite I've ever owned. There is space in the margin for taking notes, and I find it so practical and beautiful.


+ Raising Readers bag - This is the perfect library bag. It has an interior pocket for your library card or keys and a zippered top. 

+ Soli Deo Gloria bag - This is the same bag, but with a different design. "Soli Deo gloria" means "to the glory of God alone" in Latin and is such a sweet reminder, especially on the hard days of motherhood, that all we do is for God's glory!

+ J.Crew Slippers - I purchase a pair of these every year sometime before Christmas and wear them almost daily for the whole year. They last so well and (at the time of this post) are deeply discounted.

+ My favorite cozy robe - This robe is incredibly cozy and just gets better over time. I wear it almost every morning as I make breakfast and it's like waking up to a warm hug.



+ Insulated Stanley coffee mug - Perfect for keeping your coffee hot for just a little longer (because don't we all need that?). 

+ Decaf hot cinnamon tea - This is my favorite afternoon tea. It needs no sweetener and tastes like Christmas in a cup.

+ Nespresso frother - This was my favorite Christmas gift from last year and I use it nearly every day. You can use any kind of milk - cow milk, oat milk, almond milk - and it froths and warms it perfectly. 

+ Matcha powder - I add a teaspoon of this matcha powder and a scoop of collagen powder to hot water with a little honey, whisk it all together, then add hot, frothed milk. It's my favorite way to start the morning. There's a small amount of caffeine, but it doesn't give the jolt of coffee and lasts a longer time (for me). I love this!


+ Favorite dry shampoo - I typically wash my hair every 5 to 7 days, and this keeps it looking fresh for the final few days. It's my favorite dry shampoo I've ever tried!

+ Beef organ supplements - I started taking these every day a few months ago and have noticed my energy levels improving throughout the day. I no longer hit a dramatic slump in the afternoon, but have energy to carry out what's on my plate. These don't taste or smell bad and don't turn my stomach (as many supplements do).

+ Cell phone armband - I love this armband for going on walks or runs in my neighborhood. It fits snugly and I can hear my podcast or audiobook without headphones.

+ Paints set - This is a quality set of paints, but in a tiny package (and comes with a brush!). You can toss it into a diaper bag or purse for nature journaling (if that's your thing). This would also make a great gift for kids! The paints last a long time and is highly pigmented.

+ Risen Motherhood book (deluxe edition) - This is a new edition of a gorgeous and gospel-rich book on motherhood that now includes a few newly added chapters. This would make a perfect gift for expecting moms or really any mom on your list!

+ The Hiding Place, illustrated edition - Besides the Bible, this is the most life-changing book I've ever read - and this unabridged, gorgeously illustrated edition would make a lovely (and impactful) gift. 

I've included Amazon affiliate links in certain places... if you purchase through these links, I'll receive a small commission without added cost to you. I only recommend what I truly love. Thank you!