DIY: Valentine's Day Door Love Letters

Do you need a simple, meaningful way to show your child love this Valentine's Day? Let me show you how to create a special Valentine's Day photo keepsake that your child will love. 
Here's how!
  1. Go to and create a new 8.5 x 11 document. (Or use this template that I created.)
  2. Upload a photo of your child. I just screenshotted a favorite photo of each child and dragged it right into the document.
  3. Go to "edit photo," then click "BG Remover" to remove the background. Adjust the photo size to your liking.
  4. Add a text box and type in your child's name. Add the year, if you'd like. 
  5. On the top right, click "share" then "download" and select "PDF print" to download the files to your computer. 
  6. Print the files (I love using matte photo paper to print vibrant designs!), tape the printed sheet to your child's bedroom door, and use a pen or Sharpie to write down your favorite qualities about them! 
  • Add a new word or phrase every day from now until Valentine's Day, so that by February 14th, the sheet is full!
  • Fill up the sheet now and tape it to their door on the evening of Valentine's Day so they wake up to a sweet surprise.
  • Do you have children who are old enough to write? Have them contribute to their siblings' pages by writing down something they love about them!

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!