5 homeschool supplies we use every day

Are you new to homeschooling? Planning for the upcoming year? Our family is entering our fifth year of homeschooling, which is hard to believe! I want to share the supplies that we use nearly every day. They work for multiple ages and all different styles of homeschooling.
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Bed trays - These were not originally made to function as small desks, but they work so perfectly for little ones! All four of our kids use these daily (ages 9, 7, 5, and 3) for math work, drawing or watercolor painting, even building a puzzle or a tower with magnetic tiles. When we're done, we fold them up and store them behind our couch. 
Book stand - I use this book stand to display the picture books we've planned to read for that day, and the kids also use it to prop a book open while they draw what's inside. It stores easily by folding up to the size of a large book. 
Rolling cart - We own two of these carts - one for art supplies and one for math supplies - and each homeschooling child has their own designated shelf. It keeps our supplies organized and can be rolled from room to room as needed. Some homeschool families use these for all of their current homeschool books and supplies!
Watercolor paints - I purchase a set of these watercolor paints every year for each of my kids. I can usually find them on sale for around $4 and the colors are delightfully vibrant. I write each of my children's names on the back of their palette with a Sharpie and the paints easily last the entire school year. I like this set of watercolor paintbrushes and these watercolor notebooks.
Ticonderoga pencils - It amazes me how many pencils we go through in a year as a homeschooling family. These are truly the best quality we've found. My favorite part? These come pre-sharpened!