The one decision I've never regretted as a homeschool mom.

I've had regrets when it comes to homeschooling:
  • Pushing a child too hard through a rigorous curriculum out of fear we'd fall behind
  • Not accepting outside help that I desperately needed
But can I tell you the one thing I've never regretted?

Putting down my phone. 📱

Two years ago, I had an epiphany: Would I send my children to a teacher who was buried in her phone during lessons? Of course not. I wanted my children looking into their teacher's caring eyes, not at the top of her head - and I realized the phone in my hand was the only thing keeping me (their teacher) from that.

That day, I set a firm boundary. And friends, it has been *life-changing* for our homeschool and life-giving for me as a mom.

Here's what it looks like practically: From 9am to noon, my phone sits on our kitchen counter while we homeschool upstairs. The ringer is turned up all the way, but texts and other notifications are silenced. My family and close friends know that if they need me during those hours, they should call and I'll hear it downstairs. Otherwise, it can wait. (And do you know many times anyone's actually needed me more than my children during those hours? I can count them on one hand.)

I've never once regretted choosing my children's insightful questions over social media's latest headline. I've never regretted reading an entire chapter of a read-aloud without hearing my phone ding, wondering what else (better?) is going on outside these walls. I've never regretted making my children feel worthy of my attention. I've found I'm more patient, more relaxed, more joyful, more engaged, more content, and more connected with my children. And that's just the beginning!

I dare you to try it! You'll be giving your children - and yourself - the biggest gift.