Free Download: The Pumpkin Parable

As people are setting out their carved pumpkins on their porches (some with happy faces, some with scary faces), let's use this as a golden teaching opportunity about the good news of the gospel for our children.

The "Pumpkin Parable" is not my original idea - you can find many versions of it around the internet - I simply chose my favorite analogies and added pertinent Scriptures and instructions. It's a beautiful gospel analogy to teach children how God chose us, carved out the yucky sin from inside us, and put His light inside us to shine for Him. So simple, yet so profound!

This version of the Pumpkin Parable is part of the Reformation Day Guide, but can also be downloaded here for free:

The Pumpkin Parable


For young children, The Pumpkin Patch Parable by Liz Curtis Higgs is the perfect accompaniment to this activity! You could look for it at your local library or hear it read aloud on YouTube.